Clean up a HDD so that Drobo doesn't see it as part of another diskpack?

My Drobo 5S indicated that one drive (I have five 4TB HDD in that Drobo) was critically low, so replaced that disk with a higher capactity drive.

That process seems to be (knock on wood) running OK, so I decided to take the drive that I removed from the 5S for use in a 4-drive Drobo until that was also showing a critical low-capacity situation. Upon replacing the drives, I got an error about the drive belonging to another diskpack.

So…I removed that replacement drive and attached it to an external SATA drive adapter, which is connected to a USB cable. This adapter supports up to 4TB SATA drives.

That drive shows up OK in Windows 10 Drive Management as well as through Computer Management. I ran the diskpart command line to ID, select, and clean the drive, which deletes all partitions or volumes on the disk. Capacity shows up correctly for a 4TB drive. For good measure, I ran Windows diskpart a second time. No errors showed up either time.

I placed the cleaned-up drive back into the 4-drive Drobo, but Drobo still recognizes that drive as part of another diskpack from another Drobo! (What is Drobo using to ID a diskpack drive? Volume name?)

Question: How do I clean-clear up a drive so that it is no longer recognized as part of some other diskpack? I had thought that deleting and removing volumes and partitions using diskpart would have cleaned the slate, so to speak.

(Groan) Oh boy! As I am typing this, Drobo message popped up “Drobo has detected drives from multiple drives from multiple Drobo units in the drive bays. Please ensure you have saved any critical data on these drives before resetting/erasing the drives.”

Thank you in advance for your ever-so patient assistance!

Sounds like you Drobos are all on the same network and Drobo Dashboard picked up your re-purposed HDD in the ‘wrong’ slot.

Heeding the advice from Drobo, make sure you have an external copy of your critical data first.

Sounds like you have independently reformatted your HDD correctly, so can I suggest that you shut down your computer and Drobo(s), and restart everything completely - this may assist in the Dashboard refreshing itself.

Thank you so much!
It has been a rough road trying to sort and solve this problem.

I noticed that after I reset one Drobo that that maximum (potential?) capacity increased from 16TB to 64TB. Does resetting (and wiping out all data) on a Drobo also increase the capacity?

If you completely reset a 5S Drobo, the maximum single volume possible has been increased to (currently) 64TB - from 16TB - after recent firmware updates. To do this with the HDD array you intend to use, you will lose all data on that array, so always maintain an external copy of your important data, and use this external copy to repopulate your new expanded Drobo volume after the reset.