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nothing important sent you and did a double cotton shoes you take top."Two year agos of two elder brother Lengs are housebound to die, leave elder brother’s wife and a 7-year-old kid to live pretty not easily of, elder brother’s wife near sell the shoe get of small change subsidy domestic expenses.Although every family in the village all sent Qian Wu, I be still cant not bear to the heart accept her shoes.I insist on don’t , two sister-in-law Leng the rim of eye Be getting reder, whether you abandon the shoes soil that I do?
Li Shi which know these, even if know, he couldn’t play according to absolute being of, an ErHu pulls the clangorous person makes the son learn to play Jiang, also don’t smile the Ya village person’s molar?Li Shi Yi once robbed to play bow, threw in to burn very prosperous stove.
Ascend during the days in the university, I found out a part-time work at a store-sold to fry in oil noodles turn and coffee.This store is located in the concentrated district that more than 10 Mr.s hand over bus station, catered to in people’s consumption need that here am brief to wait a car.
Open widely Ye to again express a stubborn vitality with beg to living desire.His body already extreme weak, to medicine of some badly respond very sensitive, but he never resists a treatment.Most make people move a guest of BE, the ache of cancer later period is the strongest, but open widely Ye persistence need not pain reliever, sometimes the nurse cannot see and want to advise him to beat one needle and open widely Ye to always shake head, then say very in earnest:Don’t go, I am afraid to be like No.3 of bed so.Open widely the Ye says of No.3 the bed is another cancer’s sufferer for later period, is also that the ache is difficult to endure, can depend a pain reliever to maintain one small calmness of segment time.Have a to have no as a result, after firing away a pain reliever, he in quiet sleeps to go and doesn’t wake up any further.
I was grade two to take part in a school in the primary school of football team.Unfortunately arrived a junior high school, had already given up for the sake of the study.I still once took part in the cheap red bottom shoeschristian louboutin outletChristian Louboutin 123 ZeppaChristian Louboutin Almeria Christian Louboutin Cadena Tresse Christian Louboutin CarinoChristian Louboutin Carino PlatoChristian Louboutin 1en8 Christian Louboutin 4A Christian Louboutin Akhalil Women PumpsChristian Louboutin Alta Campus Christian Louboutin Alta Campus Christian Louboutin Alta Perla StrassChristian Louboutin Aeronotoc ping-pong ball team of city body school during the days in the primary school and had already arrived a junior high school to also give up.The music teacher finds out me when heating up is medium, saying can recommend me to arrive two high school vocal musics, can I didn’t hestitate a ground of brush-off she, I am going to test a to be medium, because that is the city inside’s best high school.Still have learned since the childhood grade six embryonically composed novel about swordsmen of a fondness for, painting cartoon of a fondness for, junior high school wrote a fondness for of poem, inside in the high school embryonic of wrote a fondness for of manuscript, entirely for the sake of Gao Kao, for the sake of north great this target sacrifice have been already dropped.

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