Choose which files save to different hard drives?

So I am trying to use my 5N to move all my photos to rather then cram my laptop hard drive, and then to create a back up of the photos, and my computer (Mac 10.9)
I’ve got 2T and a 4T hard drives with 240GB mSATA rollin’
I am trying to save photos to 2T drive, and make the 4T drive the back up drive.

Quite simply, this is not how a Drobo works. A Drobo takes all of your drives and does the magic to keep them resilient to either a single or dual drive failure. You do not specify what any of the drives do, the RAID levels, or anything like that. Feed it disks, and it keeps it redundant.

What you’re describing is a plain disk enclosure.

Awesome! Phew! Okay thanks. Sorry for the dumb question.

No problem - just making sure you know what you’re getting. For some it’s a straightjacket, for others it’s a dream. :slight_smile: