chkdsk running for days

I appear to have some volume corruption on my Drobo volume. It’s an 8TB volume formatted NTFS. I am running chkdsk against it, but it has been going for about 2 days now, but it still isn’t finished. Is this normal? Is there any way to speed the process?

I have precisely the same issue. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

Gen 1, Win7 RC

I also had this issue on win 7, chkdsk doesnt seem to like 8 or 16tb volumes and never finishes

in the end i came up with a very unsatisfactory solution!

made a new volume… copies over the 4tb of data, and deleted the suspect volume!

Similar problem here, but im my situation it worked like this:
When running chkdsk with /f, it has made some fixes and hang and the end of the whole procedure, before returning to the command prompt. Had to interrupt this manually. However, when running chkdsk in the read-only mode (without “/f”), it completes without problems. I’m using Windows 7 and 16TB volume.

i have an identical experience,

and trying running it in safe mode doesnt change anything.

i wanted to run it at windows startup. i.e. before the GUI part of window loads, but that works by flagging the disk as dirty, then during boot windows queries which disks are dirty and checks them as needed. Sadly windows boots faster than drobo , so it never see’s drobo at this state so you cant run chkdsk before boot!

I noticed that if I run it w/o /f it completes fine (and quickly!), but with /f it never ends…or even catches most of the errors the read only chkdsk catches.

As much as I would love to get down a 4tb volume I can’t do it…no space to hold the data on my drobo and I can’t read files off because of the corruption!!!

It would be nice to get a response to this issue. Is it a Microsoft problem, or a Drobo problem? I have a 16tb Drobo, and I want to know what action I should take before I start relying on the Drobo as my primary storage. I don’t want to migrate my data around for days and days only to find out I’ll have to start over again.

I have the same issue, by the way. It seems to get to the very last step, but hangs without returning a command prompt.

i suspect DRI probably wont want to announce anything or work on compatibility with windows 7, until after windows 7 is actually released (despite the hundred of thousands of people already running it!)