Check For Updates Fails

I have two Macs sitting side by side on the same physical and logical network. Both have identical versions of Drobo Dashboard installed, the latest 2.8.2. However, one can do a check for updates and the other one can’t saying “Can’t reach Drobo update server.”

Each is configured with identical DNS servers so name resolution should not be the problem.

Any ideas as to why one would work but not the other? It’s not super critical as I can always go manually download Dashboard updates, but I’d like to figure out why the two systems behave differently and I really do not want to have to go to the trouble of sniffing the network traffic.

Thanks all for the time and any reply.

hi it might be something to do with ftp permissions, as mentioned here?

or possibly some firewall permission you could check, as mentioned here:

if that does not help, then one thing you could also try could be to swap the drobos connection, for example if one is connected to the first mac, maybe try connecting it to the 2nd mac, and vice versa, and then try checking for updates, just to see if it definitely is the same computer having the issue, or if it seems to follow a particular drobo connection.