Cheapest way to get decent 2TB HDDs for Drobo Mini

Hi Everyone,

I read many things online and can confirm that the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive (USB 3.0) aka STDR2000101 contain Samsung M9T 2TB 9.5mm Sata Drives.

I bought 2x of these external hard drives and carefully pulled the cases apart using a small prising tool and successfully harvested the drives from within.

The two drives are now in my Drobo Mini quite happily doing their thing.

Currently the drives are $119 USD with free shipping, this may seem like a moot point seeing as there are other sellers selling the Samsung M9T 2TB drives on their own for $99, but I’ve been ripped off with imitations before. Plus at the time they weren’t available in standalone form.


hi ive seen some enclosed drives in the past which were being sold for considerably less than the bare drives that they contained… so if you managed to do well with those, then well done :slight_smile:

Nice. The only risk is that manufacturers can change the internal drive at any time, so it’s not guaranteed to always be the same model. I know Seagate was using Enterprise drives in their desktop externals due to availability issues.

More importantly, warranty on external drives usually only apply to the unit itself, so pulling the drive out usually voids the warranty.

That said, often times the economics work out (savings outweigh losing the warranty), so good!

resurrecting an old thread here -

OP - I see that they are going now for $87 on Amazon - did your “long run” success with these warrant the effort?

Were you able to pop the “old” drives you pulled from your mini into the cases and use them as standalone external drives?