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The mother moves away the ladder in the house, the ladder is very heavy, the time used in home is all generally two people of father and mother to lift, can a person of mother simply moved out, some times, the mother lets the ladder touch a hand, but she is inattentive.Finally still chase a ladder at house up.
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There are a young men, arrive a market to accept appointment to be manager’s assistant.Personal interview, the personal interview officer pose a bigger problem of some difficulties.That young man originally not too understand, but set up for really understand of appearance, the east pulled west pull ground elaborate, result, personal interview officer very easily saw a flaw, thought he dishonest, the first is eliminated bowl out.
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The acceptance comes out for a day after as a result, we are more than ten old schoolmates a teahouse party in river the Jin strand river’s road.There is a piano in the teahouse, because the customer is rarely seen of cause, the piano teacher is also lazy to play.We attend to chat, but her a person silently starts and sits to the ex- piano to play.I to music completely ignorant, could not listen to is what song, feels orotund and very beautiful but again the pole exert sadness, she lowers the he

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