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锟斤拷Think deeply more, much self-criticism
锟斤拷The prize and punishment can not be confused
The art that chapter 6 prize and punishment counteracts
But more of, we hear beat and scold is all vulgar.“I want to interrupt your leg!I see you returning together male one of outside to have fun and dancing.You are this shameless thing, Sao goods!锟斤拷锟斤拷"The daughter who beats and scolds a nonage like this, and what to use is all some to humiliate sexual language, severity ground injury the sense of pride and character of a young girl, by all means will arouse a resisting of daughter:“You beat, you beat and killed to calculate!Anyway I didn’t want to live as well!”
ion in the kid, should be careful to use, as far as possible little use.Must also assist to say a reason at the same time, while using the means " beat”.Should let why do the kid understand parents beat him.Fire away whole is because he do greatly wrong matter, and remind not to listen to, call down invalid for many times, can not help just moved stick.Make the kid realize a mistake through a painful flesh, have to renege.
锟斤拷The prize and punishment has the study effect to help a kid
The kid has the kid’s sense of pride, there is the kid’s independent character and will.Therefore, correct mistake, have to the kid have to renege by himself[herself], there is the request and wishes to turn over a new leaf.Persistently beat, but Be not carry on saying that reason education could not reach this purpose forever.But the kid don’t study.Don’t wish to study, beat although is a kind of punishment means, even need and inspire and stir up desire, request and authentic black and gold lakers jersey sell interest that studies since the kid, even need and Rajon Rondo Jersey make patience and meticulously inspire education.So be like front raise of example, because of want a kid to study, and kill kid is an extreme birdbrain, is also extreme savage of behavior.If the stick cans really be all-powerful, that is parents also too easy.
Some kids, scold to beat invalid, need not force.If Authentic Lakers Pau Gasol Jersey sale? There is no doubt that Kobe Bryant, wearing Boston Celtics Jerseys Cheap No. 24 jerseys in the NBA Lakers. NBA officials announced NBA jersey sales list of the season 09-10. It shows that Kobe Bryant always on the top of the list since last season. Kobe fans love shown through the sale of its NBA some kids don’t love to study, the kid really studies not to go and also in no case want to go toward dead beard the kid together in rush through.In fact, the world is very vast, 365 line, go 1.
锟斤拷The not appropriate punishment results in the kid’s reaction
锟斤拷Rely on a circumferential person to encourage a kid
锟斤拷Suitable middle age class kid’s reward~make the opportunity of reward
锟斤拷Because of encourage a kid because of the ground
The parents by all means want to accompany with to scold while beating a kid, actually is also a Xun.Therefore, to not Authentic Bulls black red Jerseys arouse to turn an antinomy, scold is as certain as Xun if say a reason of, namely Xiao it to manage.In no case have to be emotional, what rubbish evil, what rubbish unpleasant to hear scold what.And don’t hurt the kid’s self-respect.Whereas, should arouse the kid’s self-respect, inspire a kid to examine oneself Wu Wu.
锟斤拷Choose an appropriate reward, praise phrase sen
锟斤拷The reward of the suitable higher class kid~true sincere most importance
锟斤拷Suitable the junior class kid’s reward~keep on continuous of reward