Changing Share Name Erases Data?

Hi there, just got my Drobo FS and am pretty psyched about it. On paper is seems awesome.

So I loaded on 2x1.5TB drives and created a share named “Media”. I proceeded to transfer my entire iTunes library, about 500GB to this share. No problem.

Now I decided my share really should be named “Media Backup” because thats how iTunes looks for it. I go to rename the share in Drobo Dashboard, and it gives me an error about having a space in the share name. OK, no problem. So I change it back to “Media” and save.

Imagine my horror as I no longer am able to mount the Media share as the Drobo goes crazy (I can hear the drives whizzing), and the free space reported in the Dashboard starts to go up and up as if my data is being erased.

Sure enough, it gets to about 385MB used space and I can now mount the share again, but it’s empty.

Whoa. Thankfully I still have the original files on my other disk, but wow, this is a seriously nasty problem. Did I do something wrong? Doesn’t seem like it. Would me data be lost if I didn’t have it elsewhere? Probably.

Seems like there would be a more efficient way to rename a share, eh? Or at least warn someone the data will be lost?

Maybe this is because I “renamed” the share to it’s original name? An edge case I agree, but hey, it happened.

I just created a share on my FS. Added data to it.

I then went back into Dashboard, clicked on advanced controls > data tab > settings.

Went to the shares tab.

I clicked on the share in the shares box, once it was highlighted I clicked on EDIT.
Then renamed it. There were no messages about there being data on the share.

Once the rename was complete. My data was still there.

Thanks sdaniels for bringing this to our attention! We are in the process of releasing a new version of firmware which will fix this bug. It should be posted shortly and will be an auto date to all FS owners. We appreciate your help in ensuring that everyone’s data is protected.

So what’s the bug? Is it specific to defining a share with a space in the name?

We have released version 1.0.3 of the Drobo FS firmware. The release addresses this issue. You can update using Drobo Dashboard > Advanced Controls > Tools > Check for Updates. If you need to manual download the update, you can get it from our support site at Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

@ sdaniels

How is the speed of your FS?