Changing names

I have a Drobo Gen 2 connected to my iMac, it holds most of my data including photographs.

I use Lightroom to catalog the photos and Crashplan to back up the iMac and Drobo. Lighroom and Crashplan keep saying they can’t find the Drobo and this seems to be because the name has a number added to the end which keeps incrementing (I’m now on Drobo11, though in the finder it just says Drobo).

Why is this happening and how can I stop it doing so, please?

Thank you.


hi pat,
please not not change anything here, though if you can have a look in dashboard, can you see how many drobo volumes you have there?

am not sure when was the last time you tried shutting the drobo down (ideally via dashboard) and also the mac, to try a full restart, but it might be worth trying that too.

is it possible that the cable is somehow damaged in some way, and making an intermittent connection? (maybe it was losing connection and quickly regaining connection, and that was why is showed several version names?)

also, when you get a chance, can you try only running one of those programs, just to see if the issue happens when one is running in particular, or if it only happens when both are using it?

Dashboard just shows the one Drobo, I’ve never noticed any others there.

I don’t shut down often but do ‘sleep’ every night. I was wondering if that might cause problems. What is the best way to ‘sleep’ the Drobo?

I don’t think the issue is with either of the programmes I mentioned but more likely the connection to my iMac. The ables appear to be OK.

How do others sleep/wake their Drobo in general use?


thanks for more info pat,
it could be something to do with the process of sleeping.

for example, what happens if you try closing all programs that might be using the drobo, and then to try using dashboard to safely shutdown the drobo and then to shutdown the computer.

and then after the computer and dashboard are started and running again, to then power up the drobo for usual use?
how many named drobos (of the same thing) do you see now?

Sorry for the delay. If i do as you suggest all is well and just the one Drobo exists with no increment in the number.

I have noticed that when I ‘sleep’ the iMac the Drobo sleeps shortly afterwards, when I ‘wake’ the iMac I sometimes get a message saying the Drobo could not be ejected properly. Sometimes the Drobo has not re-mounted on wake and sometimes it has, regardless of the error message.

I’ve not had a problem with incrementing numbers since making this post but I know it will happen sometime and would love to solve the issue first.



thanks pat, am glad the issue goes away when using those steps.

some other users have been having sleep issue recently, such as here:

fingers crossed that you wont get the same problem when using the steps going forward, but if you do, please let us know and i’ll eat my ha(mburger) :slight_smile: