Changing from ddr to sdr

I would like to change my configuration from DDR to SDR. I know it’s less secure but I have good backups and would like the extra space.

My question is, will I loose any data if I make that change now or will I have to use my backup to re-load the data? In other words, will the Drobo erase everything that is there now to change back to SDR?

Euhm, unless ur really sure u wanna do this … leave it.

“Leave it” because it’s better to have DDR or “Leave it” because it’s not worth the risk?

I’ve done it a few times going back and forth without issue.

Does anyone know Data Robotics’ “official” position on this? I found warnings about putting a new drive in (it WILL be erased) but nothing about this.

Going from DDR to SDR does not wipe any data.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try.

You can do it on the fly at any time, as long as you have enough space if you are going from SDR to DDR. Also, when you switch between the 2, the Drobo will go into data protection mode.

I’ve done this a few times as well without any issues or lost data.