Changing access privileges?

Hey guys, I have it setup normally so basically anyone on my network can access the FS through windows etc. But I have no idea on how to limit such access? Like how do I limit writing access to just 2 devices as I don’t want people accidentally deleting things from the FS.

Drobo dashboard “tools” tab
click on the settings button
click on the “Shares” tab.
In there you can make different users.
In the Shares section on the bottom you can control which user has access to which Shares. If you go to edit for that user there is a checkbox that allows them to write to and delete. Uncheck that.

It sounds more complicated then it is, just go to the Shares tab and look around and you’ll get it.

Hope it helps

I know about that but I was wondering if it was possible to limit certain devices from editing. For example how would I tell the drobo that my brother is User X and should not be able to write/delete? I add a new user and all it asks for is a username and password, doesn’t ask for a MAC address or anything like that.

apparently not, or at least you don’t fully understand it.

on the shares page, if you add a user for your brother, then select that user, click edit, then uncheck the box that says “allow user to write and delete files”

you’ll have to remove the everyone user, and force him to login using his user.

or you can remove write privileges for everyone, and then make a user for yourself that can write.

So after doing that, whenever someone tries to connect to the drobo share through windows networks, IE my computer and then Network. He or she will be prompted by a username and password dialog box? I didn’t want to remove everyone before I was sure as I was worried I might screw something up.

Edit: Removed the everyone user, now only admin and user are left. I am still not presented with a username and password box when I access the drobo through windows, so what now?

Are you trying to access it from your computer? If so, then you’re probably logged in as admin. Log off from drobo dashboard and then try logging in with the user name you made. And make sure in the settings of that user name that you uncheck that box that we mentioned before. That should do it.

You see whats weird is I did exactly that and I was still able to login without it asking me for a username and password. Funny thing is though I try it now and it works. I don’t know why it did work before, maybe I just had to restart or something. Anyways thank you so much for the help guys!