Chaining, USB/FireWire, and SSD

I have three questions about the Drobo S I am hoping you all can help with.

I want to connect it to my PC using USB 3.0. However, I would like to possibly buy and connect two units to my PC. I understand you can daisy chain them. It seems that is by FireWire, though. I assume if I do this, I will have decreased performance. I would need to buy a USB 3.0 hub, and connect them both separately for best performance, correct? If I have two units connected separately, is it possible to make them into one drive letter? Thanks much in advance. Lastly, I have read on the site that it does not work with SSDs, but in another spot, it says it does. So, that’s a little confusing. I actually don’t plan to use SSDs. I was just curious in case I ever did. I have used SSDs in RAID in the past, and use a SSD now for my system drive, but this will be for mass storage. Thanks much in advance.

yes you would need to either have more than one usb 3 port - or get a usb 3 hub

you cannot make them into one drive letter (well it may be theoretically possible to create a software RAID 0 out of you two drobo volumes - which would be a really bad idea! - but i think you mean have your two drobos working together -which is not possible)[hr]
oh and SSDs woudl jut be a really expensive thing to put in your drobo - drobo isnt fast enough to take advantage of them

Thanks for the reply and info. I did realize that about the SSDs. Was just curious with the conflicting info. Again, I appreciate the information. Take care.