Catalina and 8D

Anyone have any info when I can update my iMac to Catalina? Would be nice to know, if its days, weeks, or longer?

I am surprised no one has responded…

34 days since Drobo posted warning about upgrading 8D to Catalina. Five months since the developer beta for Catalina was released. Will the 8D require a firmware upgrade, or is the issue an Apple MacOS problem? Drobo has released no details. No fix is in sight.

Drobo continues to advertise and sell the 8D. Can someone from Drobo advise what progress has been made and estimate the time required for a fix?

I am very disappointed. I can’t even get an answer if they think it will be a week, month or 6 months? I may have to make other arrangements. I have a new IMAC and need this data…

I’m running with an 8D on Catalina with no problems (outside of an offer to initialize a volume every time I boot which I ignore).

The Drobo 5D3 and 8D are compatible with Catalina. The messaging on our main page is in the process of being updated.

Ensure you are on latest firmware and dashboard for these products:


Start 8D - Drobo

Drobo 8D Here you will find the current documentation, software and firmware for your Drobo 8D. Documentation and Downloads for Drobo Products. View All Documentation for Legacy Products. View All Software and Firmware for Legacy Products. View All…

Should you run into any issues, see:

macOS 10.15 Catalina - Frequently Asked Questions