Case/power supply?

Hi everyone,

Now that I’m all set up with my Drobo Mini I’m thinking about getting the carry case for it as well as a second power supply that I can keep plugged in at my workstation rather set up/take down every day.

A couple of things:

  1. Any cheap sources for the carry case? I’ve seen them for as little as $49 but once you factor in shipping to Canada it gets expensive.
  2. Do I have buy the official Drobo mini power supply or are there cheaper third-party options that would work just as well?

Thank you.


You should be fine with alternative good quality power supply as long as it’s exactly the same voltage, plug size and polarity and of the same or greater current/power rating.

Are there any specific power supplies that you can recommend?


Sorry, but I don’t own Mini myself and I wouldn’t like to give you unverified advices. Based on the information online and some educated guess, I’d assume the original is:

]4.16A (50W)
[*]5.5x2.5 plug, center-positive

But I advise you not to trust me :wink:

The original one employs some turn-to-lock plug, so you’d lose that functionality when using a generic power supply.

Haha. Thanks. I’ll have a look around.


There are some advertised as Drobo Mini power supplies specifically on… eee… “leading auction service” :wink:

Sounds like a forbidden word. :-p I’ll look, thank you.