Capacity Problem

I have a Drobo Pro running via iSCSi connected to a powermac G5 running OS 10.5.8. I have two folders of data on the disk. One folder contains 97.4 MBs of data and the second has 816.11 GB of data. I have 2 2TB drives in the drobo Pro.

The Drobo dashboard shows that 1.65 TB of data are on the drive. How does 816 GB and 97.4 MB add up to 1.65 TB of space used?

What Gives?

I would check out:

1.81 Avial for Date - 1.82 Used for Protection - 3.25 Overhead - Actual size of 2 2tb drives is about 3.63

Also if you just moved stuff it sometimes can take time to recalculate totals…

This doesnt explain why about 900 GB of data is showing up at 1.65TB of data space being used. Two days ago it was listed as 900GB of space being used.

Where are you getting this info from the Drobo Dashboard?

I’m sorry. The pie chart shows storage capacity 1.78 TB and 1.65TB used. But there is only 900 gb of data on the drive.

erm… checkdisk maybe? all i can think of is that some of the drives is marked as “used” but when you say 900GB you are only counting the files…

It had been accurate a few days prior. This happened before when I had drobocopy backing up my home folder which contained another 100gbs of files. The last time I deleted the home backup and the size of the unused space went back to being accurate but it has not this time.

This is a problem I have seen mentioned by Linux users, and it worried me to the point I did some specific tests when I got my 'Pro.

I put some spare old drives in it, filled it to 95% (about 500GB) then deleted most of that data. It dropped to 60% used and stuck at that.

I have reset the volume size, reformatted and done a hard reset - it STILL says 60% used. It’s a doorstop and sadly support does not cover Linux.

the OP isnt running linux tho?

Running mac is 10.5.8. Do you think it’s related to the powermac g5 / iSCSI Kernel panic issue?