Capacity Filter Rebuild

I was reading the Capacity Filter Readme.txt and couldn’t anyone make a simple .Net install or a better readme file. Thou better yet just include it in Drobo Dashboard.


and is it possible to build a version for Vistax64?

This would really be nice.

Best regards, Nils.

An x64 version (specifically running Win 7) would be very handy. My only complaint about my new Drobo is that Windows doesn’t properly report the filesize.


I too can’t understand why this has not been incorporated into the Dashboard after all this time. It could even be done as a “beta” or other such wording as to selectively enable the filter.

Having the incorrect size reported in Explorer is just lame. Seriously lame.

Can somebody from Data Robotics please provide some feedback with regard to this issue?

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Well that all nice and fine but I have already submit a request to Data Robotics to build this in to the Drobo Dashboard. The only other thing I can think of is build a x64 version, since Win7 is the last OS that will support 32bit apps.

The application in question was published by DataRobotics, that’s why we’re asking.

Mid 2010 and still no x64 capacity filter, or heaven forbid like has been asked numerous times, have it built into the firmware or dashboard such that the OS can actually report the correct free space.

I said before, and I say again, despite the answer that DroboApps are not supported by DRI… it’s just lame.

I have contacted somebody (no not anybody you can reach by calling the 1800#) at DRI and they are going to speak to the engineering team in hopes of coming out with a filter for x64. No promises have been made but I am hopefull.

The capacity filter is not needed and doesn’t impact performance. So don’t be surprised if we never see one for x64. I am sure the engineering teams have a lot more important work to do.

[quote=“Zeronic, post:7, topic:368”]
since Win7 is the last OS that will support 32bit apps.[/quote]
Careful about that. 32-bit application support will be around for quite some time.

32-bit CPU support, on the other hand, is what’s on the chopping block, as 64-bit OSes have a thunking layer to run 32-bit applications.

There’s a huge difference.