Capacity calculation error on 5N

I’m sure I reported this before but…

My Drobo 5N has 2 12Tb and 3 8Tb drives yielding 43.66 actual —> 32.55 Tb of usable space.
When the drives get “too full” the drobo will boot showing 3 LEDs of capacity used and Drobo Dashboard will show 30% full.

The actual status is the Drobo 5N has at least 15%+ free space. My files are all still there and everything works just fine.

The drobo shows 3 LEDs and Dashboard reports the same amount of space so I must conclude that the free space calculation in the drive is failing. I’ll bet that there is an error having to do with the 32 Tb boundary.

Whatever causes the problem happens on startup. If I go in and move a few 100 Gb to another server and reboot, then everything will be fine until it fills to this magic boundary and I’m forced to reboot again (like now when I applied the latest update).

Please tell me if this is the right place to report this issue or where it should be reported.