Can't write to 5C while attached to the router

I have recently got a 5C after using a 4 port Gen3. I attached the 4 port to my router to act as a media server which I intend to do with the 5C. Long story cut short, when I attach the 5C to my new router (replaced last month) I can only access the Drobo as a read only. But if I attach it to the computer I get full read / write access. Any ideas?

Also, I can’t seem to get the dashboard to see the 5C when its attached to the router. The IP search which in my case is throws up no drobo.

hi eamann,
as far as i know the Das drobos are mainly designed to work when directly connected to a computer…
can i check if you were able to get full read and write (without any issues) when using your 4port to the router before?