Can't Upgrade Firmware in Windows 7

I upgraded to Windows 7 the other night, and everything seemed ok at first with my drobo. However, I was not able to upgrade my firmware to the latest 1.3.5 revision. When attempting to upgrade, it immediately returned as unsuccessful. I have tried a number of times but it just plain doesn’t seem to work. Does anybody have any ideas for me?

Sorry, all i can say is that it works fine for me

does it say when/why it failed?

i.e. did it manage to download the firmware

try downloading the file yourself from their website then select it when you upgrade (press ctrl when hitting the update button)

What generation drobo do you have?
Are you using USB or FW to upgrade firmware?
What version of dashboard are you on?

@Jennifer, have you considered creating a post about “how to ask for help - essential information to provide”?

@switcher Every single minute of every single day.

I can create one here in a moment.


same problem here. system keeps telling me no update possible. os: windows 7 64-bit, dashboard 1.61 with drobopro.


No update possible or update was unsuccessful?

What firmware do you have?

updated the dashboard to 1.66 and firmware update started working immediatly. great!