Can't Uninstall Drobo Dashboard - help!

In my excitement to try out the new 2.0 Drobo Dashboard on my FS, I didn’t read up on the uninstall process and just assumed that I could drag Drobo Dashboard to the trash and then go install the new one.

Well that all worked okay but then I decided that I really didn’t like the new interface all that great and wanted to go back to v1.8.3. So again I moved it to the trash and reinstalled the prior version.

Everything works except I cannot open the DroboCopy utility which I like to use nor can I successfully run the uninstall program to try and get back to a clean slate.

Can someone please tell me or point me to some instructions on how to manually uninstall the pieces/parts of Drobo Dashboard to get it cleanly removed from my system?

OSX or Windows? I beleive U r using a Mac. Correct?

Yes sorry, I should have said I’m on Mac (10.6.7).