can't ssh as root

I reset my Drobo FS to factory because of all the problems I was having but now I’m having a weird problem even with a totally fresh Drobo. I can’t seem to ssh into it as root. I know the password for root should be “root” on a fresh system but it will not accept that. I can log in as my admin user, but I can’t run su. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? I must be doing something wrong but I cannot think of what, it should be simple.[hr]
uh oh, is this because i went to 1.2.0?

One way to get root shell access is to do the following: install lighttpd and php from DroboPort and then setup a PHP terminal within lighttpd (for example: http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpterm/ ). Since lighttpd is configured to run as root (I know, I know, it shouldn’t but it is so damn handy in cases like this), you’ll have a terminal as root.

That is a great idea!

I thought about editing a service.sh to change the password, but expect isn’t in the default install, and I didn’t know how else to do it. I also tried cracking the hash, but there aren’t any multithreaded or GPU crackers for Mac and I wasn’t able to get it out. (I did call Drobo Support, but they didn’t know if there had been a change in 1.2.0).

1.2.0 firmware root hash…is it different?:

Anyway…well, I’m out. I lost a bunch of data last night working with my Time Machine issue so I’m gonna sell the Drobo and get a regular 4-bay firewire enclosure. I just wanted to say thanks to Ricardo who has been helping everyone on this board out with his ports and advise.

You’re very welcome. Sorry to hear it did not work for you. I’ve heard great things about the Synology DS1511+, if you haven’t found a replacement yet.