Can't see/map drobo over network Win XP Pro


I have not been able to see or map the volumes I created in Drobo using Win XP Pro over the network (as a NAS). There is no problem if I use it as a DAS (which defeats the purpose of DroboShare).

Dashboard can see the volumes - in fact I formatted Drobo using Dashboard with my PC. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled dashboard several times to no avail. This problem only exists with my PC.

I don’t have any problem using Drobo as an NAS or DAS with my Mac OS X.

Drobo Dashboard: 1.5.1
Drobo FW: 1.3.0
DroboShare FW: 1.1.2

Drobo Support Case#00038445

Thank you.

Are you running any antivirus or firewall programs like Norton360 or McAfee?


Antivirus - Avast Home Edition
Firewall - ZoneAlarm Free (Only checked if Droboshare.exe is Trusted)

Will check tonight as to what happens if ZoneAlarm is disabled.


Edit: What ports should be open if ZoneAlarm is the culprit?

DroboShare uses SMB over TCP, so you need port 445 open.

If you want Drobo Dashboard to be able to connect through a firewall the easiest way is to put Drobo Dashboard in the firewalls’ allowed-programs list.

If your firewall doesn’t offer a feature with an allowed-programs list, you need to open ports 5000 and 1024-65536. Drobo Dashboard connects to port 5000 and then randomly picks a port in the range for broadcasting.


The firewall (ZoneAlarm) was the culprit. Ran out of time to open the ports but will do so later.

Windows Firewall has no problem mapping the volumes.


Glad that did the trick!

Just one quick note. No other software have created so much network-related work for me during the years as zone-alarm. Previously it even blocked ports when it was disabled, didn’t disengage port 63 block until it was uninstalled. I think that is resolved in newer versions.
My recommendation is always to just go with the built in firewall and use a stand-alone router with firewall.

Agree with @dowser.

I used to work at a cable internet provider and Zone-Alarm was the number one reason customers could not get on the internet. Especially after updates to their software.