Can't see Drobo 5N2 after moving from office to home

I moved the Drobo from my office to home. Everything was working OK at the office.
I have a Linksys mesh wifi/ethernet network. All other devices are working OK.
The green power light is on the Drobo, all drive bays are green and there is one blue light at the bottom.
I am connected to the home network via 2 ethernet cables from the Drobo (but WIFI doesn’t see Drobo either. My MacBook Pro is connected via ethernet but have tried Wifi as well. I also loaded Drobo dashboard onto a MacBook Air to see if it would connect and it could not see the Drobo either.
I have restarted both the Mac’s and the Drobo several times.
Any suggestions?

A couple of things could cause issues like this. Off the top of my head: 1) On your office network, was your Drobo set to a specific IP address? Or was it set to DHCP mode? If it wasn’t in DHCP, your home network might not know what to do with it. 2) Was your 5N2 connected in “port bonding” mode at the office? Some “office” network equipment can recognize this network mode (802.3ad) which can “duplex” the network speed. However, when plugged into a network that doesn’t support this network methodology, it simply will not be recognized on the network.

I would try to connect Drobo directly to your computer to see if it is recognized, possibly with a 169.x.x.x address. If so, make sure the network settings are set correctly to your network. You would probably need to set it to DHCP and if “Network Interface Bonding” is checked, set it to ALB and not 802.3ad in the Network Settings of the dashboard.

Good luck!


Thanks for replying. I caught it last night.

It was on a static IP. Found after making direct connection the second time. First time it didn’t connect right away. Second time I made a direct connection it didn’t connect but then I had to leave for a while and when I returned it was connected.

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Glad it all worked out!