Can't Restart after firmware update.

I just updated a drobopro device to firmware 1.1.11 from 1.1.5. When update where completed the device wanted to restart the drobopro device, i get the message:

A Volume seems to be busy and is preventing Drobo Dashboard from continuing the Standby command. Please close all windows and applications and try again.

the thing is, this device is connected using iSCSI to a windows2008r2 server, all connections to the device SMB, all applications has been shut down on the local server, no active SMB connections… now what do I do?[hr]

oh really DR. not only i had to close the open share connections, i had to remove the share itself in order for this device to reboot.

SMB shares generally persist for about 15 minutes after the client disconnects unless you’ve changed parameters on the server.

… client disconected on the server.

if you shutdown the computer its attached to (if possible) then the drobopro will go into standby and you can powercycle it

I got that part. :slight_smile: Did you try rebooting it again 15 minutes after all the clients had been disconnected?

yes. about 30 minutes later i removed the acctual share, then the device could restart.

Got it, thanks for the clarification.

Since I recently tried the same thing, I notice that my WHS machine (based on Server 2003) has a tendency to not let go, whereas my Win 7 machines are fine with letting go and rebooting the Drobo. Weird. Not sure what it is, but now I usually shut down the machine then power-cycle the Drobo.