Can't read/missing in dashboard after adding drive

I’ve had my Drobo running just fine for my first few days with 2 drives installed. Today I added a third drive and turned on dual disk redundancy. As it was doing its thing to update the system things were working fine for about 30 mins. Then, Windows wasn’t allowing me to access files on the drive. It said that “a device that does not exist was specified”.

I thought it might need some time to become available, so I went out of the house for a few hours. When I got back all 5 of the drive bays were a solid yellow color (I only have 3 drives installed). I thought a drobo restart would help, but I found that it wasn’t visible in the drobo control pannel. As a last resort (since I couldn’t hear disk activity) I hit the power button on the back. Nothing changed, then the lights went out and it restarted 5 mins later.

Now the 3 bays in use have the green/yellow flash, but I still can’t access my files or see it in the dashboard. Is this normal? Is there a way to access my data while this process is being done?