Can't raise a support Ticket

I’m trying to raise a support ticket, but it wont let me select the model type in order to lodge it.

I’m basically having an issue where my drives following a power down are now all showing solid red lights. The Drive is no longer showing on Dashboard and the drives are not booting.

I have tried rebooting and mounting to dashboard and all are failing. I have reseated the drives as per the support recommendations and still the system cycles and powers up, but goes into a idle state of red indicator lights. Note these are note flashing. Solid red.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Running Drobo Pro 8 bay on Mac 11.3

Thanks in advance.

Even when you can create a support ticket, they’re not very helpful. I recommend powering your Drobo OFF, removing all the drives and powering it back on without drives installed and see if it comes up.

** NEVER insert or remove drives while the unit is powered ON, unless you want the drive wiped before assimilation **

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Thanks @AzDragonLord I’ve heard similar stories about support. Given the age of the model and lack of “drobo care” I’m not holding out much hope. It’s a shame cos I love the Drobo, but when after sales care is so poor I can’t help but think there are better options.

I’ve rebooted the machine and restarted minus the drives. I have done a paper clip re-set on the unit and managed to get this to re-appear in dashboard which is a start. I can now “blink the lights” and manage the unit directly from the dashboard something that previously wasn’t possible.

I have since powered down again, re-seated the drives but sadly get the same error off too many drives removed occurs. The unit seems to see and recognise the drives have now been re-inserted but won’t finish booting or loading the data on the drives.

I think I may have to try to clone each drive (or somehow copy off the data) and then wipe the original drives and try to re-copy the cloned data back onto the drobo.

I am going to test the drives on another Drobo this morning to see if that helps at all.

What a drama. Thanks for reaching out.

UPDATE: Performed a “slot flush” last night, but this seems to have done nothing. Still the same error.

I’m waiting on support - it was the weekend when I finally managed to raise the ticket. Will post any updates here. Starting to consider data recovery now, so might start a thread on that. :frowning:

Same here…not possible to write emails or a support ticket!!

Hey @aikonch just an update here some 3 months on.

I finally got onto support. I can’t recall how exactly but I do remember it took a couple of attempts using their support interface. You could try emailing direct: tech-support@drobo.com but that of course won’t raise a ticket number so not sure how successful you will be.

To be honest whilst support did respond they were a little slow if i’m honest. I was out of warranty though so in fairness I was happy they would talk to me. I didn’t get any additional intel outside of what the community suspected was the issue so kudos to everyone here who offered advice. Support whilst slow were very thorough though, so I can’t fault them on that front.

Ultimately I went down the path of recovery. Not ideal but a necessity. I’ve since modified by back up processes to be broader and reducing reliance on any one method or system. I was probably a bit naive in my faith in NAS Drives, but that isn’t really Drobo’s fault. It’s a lesson learned. An expensive lesson but a lesson learned nonetheless.

I’m still backing Drobo for now with better investment in HDD’s. It’s just part of a broader set up that so far is working well.

Good luck with your issue.

i test it with the email…no chance…

Sorry to hear that fella. Reach out within this forum. I found the knowledge base in here really very good. Someone might be able to help answer your issue.

As another thought, have you tried raising the ticket directly from the links on the Drobo Dashboard rather than from the support portal? I can’t remember exactly which worked for me in the end, but persistence paid out for me in the end. Hope you have better luck.