Cant' open Time Machine for restore

Using the various support articles, I could successfully set-up the Drobo FS as a target for Time Machine (MacOS is 10.7.1). Backups work as expected.
However, I can’t open the “Time Machine.app” to restore: The app shows a pop-up telling me that it tries to connect to the backup server. After 10 seconds, the pop-up goes away and nothing further happens. When I click again on “Time Machine.app”, nothing happens anymore until I reboot the Mac, then I get the pop-up again.
Can anyone restore from a DroboFS to a Lion Mac client? Firmware and Dashboard are current.

I may have found the solution. I was using this KB for guidance: http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/610. Apparently, it is outdated, and following it results in the problems that I have seen.
It all works much easier: Create a Time Machine share with the Drobo FS dashboard, and mount it (i.e. check the box next to the share). Time Machine now shows the share as a backup target, and restore works as well.