Can't map DroboApps Share

I’ve been trying to install the update to the Plex Media Server on my B810n. I am unable to map the DroboApps share as a network location. I’ve created 3 other shares on the Drobo and mapped all 3 of them quickly and easily. But following the same method for the DroboApps share does not work. I am prompted for a user name and password. I’ve tried the Drobo Dashboard Admin user and pass, the username and password for the Drobo website, and the specific username and password for the other individual shares. Nothing works, the prompt for the user name and password just keeps coming back up. Using Windows 7 btw.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

So this issue cropped up months ago and I just got around to posting it but the newest update of Drobo Dashboard, allows for Plex Media Server to be updated through the Drobo Dashboard GUI so there’s no need to map the DroboApps share.


hi j2vfx, am glad you can do your update that way, and thanks for posting the info