Can't login as admin

Tried many times and passwords. but failure. it said the user ID or password was wrong. I tried use “forgot password” and use my registered email address and the product’s number which is DRAxxxxxxx, still can’t. what’s happening?

well, i logged in but some options are in grey. Tried “forgot password”, but it said the email address or the product’s number is not confirmed to the Drobo.

Same thing is happening to me. I can log in to my Drobo through the Dashboard, but it seems that the Drobo doesn’t recognize my login as an Administrator. As such, Drobo Apps, Events, Tools, and Drobo Settings are greyed out. This is probably what’s also preventing me from mounting my Drobo to a drive letter.

Tried to use the “Forgot Password” using the email and serial that I copy&pasted from my profile on myproducts.drobo.com and received the same error message stating that the email and S/N combination didn’t match what was on record.

Figured out my issue. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I now have two logins, one with admin rights and one without. The usernames are exactly the same with the exact same password except the Admin version of my username has a capital letter as the first letter as opposed to being all lower case which I’m used to.

happened to me too… Admin and admin have the same password, but admin gives me all the rights… I better write that down. Thanks!!! I got in. You helped me.