Can't install Drobo Dashboard - Mac


I just got my Drobo and tryed to install the SW from the included CD. But an the End of the Installation, I got the Message, that the Systemextention “TrustedDataSCSIDriver.kext” could not installed correctly and can not be used. I should try to install it again or should look for an actual Version. So I downloaded the newest Dashboard Version form But, nothing changed, the Installation does not run as expected. If I try to use the Dashboard, it finds my Drobo and I can format the Drives. But if I copy Files to the Drobo they are gone…

If I use a nother MAC the Problem stays the same.

Hardware: Drobo 2nd Generation, Drobo Share, IMac, Mac Book Pro

SW: Snow Leopard

Any Ideas?



I think this is a bug. I got that, too. In the previous version of drobospace, someone said it was a bug.

We area of that error message and it does not affect the performance of the dashboard or the drobo.

If you are unable to run or launch dashboard, I would recommend a complete uninstall and reinstall following the instructions at the below link:

I had this problem on two machines.

The problem is one or more old .kext files that are apparently non-64 bit (or something to that effect)

In my case I didn’t need the files - one printer related, and one from a piece of long-since-uninstalled demo software.

The files are in the same directory as the one Drobo Dashboard creates, which i think is System/Library/Extensions

What I did was to sort the folder by date modified, and delete the file/files with the oldest date.

Log out - Log in - Reinstall drobo dashboard till you find the guilty file.

Good Luck!


now I have got my Drobo Pro and recived with it a new Install CD.
If I Install the Dashboard from the new CD, I get no Error Message. The SW then finds a newer Version of the Dashboard. If I download and install it, also no Problem at the End of the Installation.

But ad this a a real big one for me, my Mac had several Freezes, since the SW is installed. Not only that it gets stuck some Time, like working, pausing for a few Seconds, woking again. No, it also gets total Freezes, where the Screen gets grey and I’m told to hold the PowerButton down till the the Mac is turned of and then turn it on again.

That is not really that, what I expect from a Storrage Solution…


Did you already read this knowledgebase article?

Are you in 32 bit or 64 bit Snow Leopard?


System is in 32 Bit Mode. BTW, any idea, why the Drobo Pro is not entering Sleep Mode, after 15 Min. It just enter’s the Sleep Mode, when the Mac is shutted down.

Drobo only goes into standby when the computer is put into sleep mode or is shut off.
The drives do spin down after 15 minutes of inactivity but the drobo wont’ be in standby.
You can also turn that feature (spin down drives) off via the dashboard drobopro settings.