Can't get around "A volume seems to be busy" error

Ever since getting the DroboPro I haven’t been able to shutdown or reboot it properly through the dashboard. I’m running it connected to a Windows XP box using iSCSI through a gigabit switch right now but I get the “A volume seems to be busy and is preventing Drobo from continuing the Shutdown command” error. I’ve recently added additional harddrives to the drobo and it has been since asking me to reboot it so it can allocate the additional space but the reboot never works. I’ve tried rebooting the computer and then rebooting the drobo immediately after rebooting but it still refuses to reboot.

Looking at the openfiles command on XP I have nothing accessing any of the drobo partitions when I’m trying to shut it down. Also this goes back to when I first got the drobo and I upgraded the firmware prior to setting up any partitions. Even without having any partitions the drobo would complain that a volume is busy and couldn’t be restarted. At that point I had the drobo connected via usb so I wouldn’t say iSCSI is at fault here. Any ideas as to what’s keeping the drobo from rebooting?

I’m running dashboard 1.5.1 and firmware 1.1.3 right now. I just saw there are more recent versions on the website that the dashboard isn’t updating automatically to so I’ll give those a shot.