Can't download new Dashboard

Having waited a long time for Snow Leopard support I find that there is now a new version of Dashboard which supposedly has fixed existing issues. I’ve been trying now for some time to download it because I’m told that “We are currently experiencing download issues with our server.”

Is there any timeframe on when I will be able to download?

Does this new Dashboard give 64 bit support?

I can’t login to DR’s main website. I thought maybe I’d messed up my password so I asked for an email to reset it. I was advised that this had been emailed to me but, after many hours, nothing has arrived!


Help please.

If you want to PM me your email address, I’ve got a copy of the Mac Drobo Dashboard 1.6.0.

We are and have been actively working on 64bit support for Mac OS 10.6. The architectural changes that were made in Snow Leopard have proven a bit more difficult then we originally anticipated. Supporting 64bit Snow Leopard is a top priority for us (in fact we have added additional staff to specifically help with this effort). We currently expect to have full support (USB, FireWire, and iSCSI) within the next 4-6 weeks.

Thanks Avid. I’ve sent you my email address and I really appreciate your offer of help.

Thanks for the info Jennifer. Look forward to 64 bit support. Is lack of response from Drobo concerning my account settings due to server issues?

So you are trying to log into the support login?

Totally different server, btw.