Can't Detect Drobo Mini on Mac

Hi Guys,

Need your help. Anyone experience this before?
I format my drobo on Mac Disk Utility and suddenly I can’t use it anymore.
Drobo Dashboard can detect my drobo but it looks like this:






All 4 Drives (1TB each) are detected, but all read (Critical with Red LED)
Can’t click the format option using Drobo Dashboard. I’ve try to reset Drobo to factory setting, eject all 4 drives and put it in again. Still the same.

Thanks in advanced.

hi, can i just check if you formatted the drobo by mistake or did you intend to erase and format the drobo?

If it was a mistake, please stop now and power it all off as recovery processes might be needed.

if you did intend to format though and dont mind wiping any data etc, then would you be able to try powering all off,
and ejecting all drives, (remembering the order)
and disconnecting the thunderbolt cable.
and then powering up the drobo-mini on its own.
(what does it do… the usual boot up sequence and then goes into standby mode?)

then, can you powerup the computer, and once that is booted up, can you connect the drobo to it, but this time using a usb cable?

what does the drobo and dashboard do and show now?

For your information… Drobo Disk Pack does NOT support resizing or formatting using 3rd party Disk Tool such as on OSX Disk Utility or on Windows Disk Management… etc.

You will need to use Dashboard to create and format the Drobo Volume as this Volume is created using Thin Provisioning.

I’m afraid since you have “reformatted” the Drobo Disk Pack or Volume using OSX Disk Utility. This render the Disk Pack “unusable”. The only way is to use Drobo Dashboard and reset it…and start from Fresh.[hr]
Here the Drobo KB on the topic of formatting Drobo using other Disk Tools…such as Disk Utility on OSX


Thanks Paul & Don,
This morning I turn it on without unplugged all the hard drive, suddenly the format option is available.
I format it and all good again. Weird.

hi aile, its interesting,
it might be worth formatting again via dashboard as don mentions, since you dont have data on it (just to avoid potential problems in future)?