Can't delete files

I can’t delete any files on a directory. When I setup my Drobo and Drobo share it recommended I use EXT3 as I have both Windows and MACs on the network.

Tech support said I should connect Drobo directly to a Linux machine and run disk checking utility but I don’t have a Linux machine.

I don’t want to reformat Drobo to NTFS or HFS+

What can I do?

I have all the latest firmware and Dashboard

DroboShare recommends EXT3 because the Dashboard detects the internal Linux core. You can use HFS+ or NTFS without issue. In this case, it appears that you will need to repair the EXT3 volume. Without an operating system that can mount and repair an EXT3 volume, you are essentially stuck.

I would recommend moving all of your data off of the DroboShare and then reformatting to either NTFS or HFS+ (depending on which system you want to use to administrate the Drobo).