Can't delete a sparsebundle....

I’ve been using superduper to back up drives to my FS. I’m now trying to delete one of the sparsebudles - it’s a little less than 1TB. It just can’t be done. The file delete just never completes. I assume that it’s because of vast number of bands. I can’t even open the sparse bundle package to delete the bands manually. Does anybody have any ideas? I don’t want to erase the share, since I have other data on the FS/
I have the 1.2.1 firmware.

How I wish I’d never bought this damn thing.

It will probably complete - but take an egregiously long time. Try connecting via SMB and deleting it there, rather than AFP. Worst case, you can always use the OpenSSH DroboPort to SSH in and “rm -rf” it, which will always work and is near instant.

Sounds interesting. How do I create an SMB share pointing to the existing afp public share?

All shares work for both SMB and AFP; it’s just that Mac OS X will prefer AFP if it’s available. Try connecting to “smb://droboip/share/” and it should work.