Can't connect via FTP


i installed pureftpd on my DroboFs, but i can’t connect via FTP. I always get “Connection Timeout” or “Connection refused”.

Here’s exactly what i did, can anybody figure out what’s wrong?

  1. copied the pureFTDP files into the DroboApps folder
  2. restarted the Drobo
  3. ssh into droboFS
  4. change password

I tried to use Cyberduck and Filezilla to connect to the Drobo.
Server: (dynamic IP adress)
Port: 21
Username: root
Password: the password I choose


I can’t comment much on PureFTPd, but that is not a valid IP address - it’s a self-assigned one when a device can’t get a proper one. I assume the DroboFS was connected directly to a computer over ethernet?

Also, try your admin username on the Drobo instead of root.