Cant connect to server

My drobo has a really awful problem of not being able to access the drobo servers. This means i cannot access drobo apps, nor can i download firmware updates directly.

Anyone got a solution to this? DNS something or other? there is a severe lack of diagnostic data so I cant even tell why it cant connect to the drobo servers.

last time the problem was that i was using a router behind a router (ATT router/gateway -> netgear wirelesss router) so I had to reconfigure the ATT device to only act as a modem and do 0 routing and let the netgear handle it.

Now im using a modem on a different ISP and the only routing device is that same router.

hi shrimants,
what happens if your drobo 5n is connected directly to your computer, and then the computer is connected to your isp?
can the drobo access the internet now (possibly via a running dashboard app in case that helps?)

its only the update server that it cant connect to. I turned on droboapps and had no issues setting up drobo access.

its not really in a position for me to directly connect it to the computer though, not without extensive rewiring due to obsessive compulsive cable management lol

hmm its possible that the update site was maybe down at that time? (there have been a few forum issues here recently so just wondering about the update server)

its good that you can now access the drobo apps, maybe rebooting the router / isp device could help?

(its ok if you like tidy cabling, i often just have visibe cables hanging around as is easy to pick up and move - what was that funny saying again… better to dangle your cable than fandangle it? :smiley:

i ended up doing a manual update of the firmware, and im already using the latest drobo dashboard. would be nice if drobo had some sort of news RSS feed type thing that i could keep up with.

yeah, i ended up moving my whole desk and theres no way im doing that cable management again, so right now the cables are hidden away but not at all managed.

It looks like you are running into problems with passive FTP.

Currently Drobos download their firmware and droboapps using passive FTP from, which some home routers seem to have trouble with, in particular if you are running a double-router setup.

This is very simple to test. Try to do this from your desktop machine:


If that works, try the same on the Drobo. You’ll need to install an SSH server.