Can't connect to Firefly

I’ve enabled DroboApps and installed Firefly from the latest download for the Drobo-FS on the DroboApps web site. I can not access the configuration page following the directions of “http://ip address of drobo-fs:3689”. My ip address is, confirmed through the dashboard, but I can’t get there through Firefox or Safari, with the firewall on or off, or anything else. I keep getting server not available although i can Ping and access the Drobo without a problem.

Any suggestions? Please, I’m a newbie so please be as detailed as you can.


Uninstall the app and then install it again.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve done that. I’ve also turned off DroboApps, rebooted, reenabled DroboApps; I’ve pretty much gone through everything I can think of.

Funny thing is I installed Apache and DroboAdmin and can connect to DroboAdmin just fine (on port 8080). Makes me wonder why I can’t reach port 3689.

I have an Apple Time Capsule and a NetGear unmanaged switch that everything is plugged into. I still can’t reach the Drobo on port 3689 from any machine, Windows or Mac.

Anybody?? Drobo firmware is 1.0.5. Does anybody have Firefly working with this firmware release?

Have you tried to SSH into your Drobo and verify that “service.sh” has been started and is running?

Terminal > ssh root@droboIPhere > enter PW (default is root) > change directory (cd) to Shares/DroboApps/firefly (again, this is default) > type “./service.sh status” w/o the quotes. If this returns enabled but not started, replace “status” with “start” then give it a minute and retry accessing the admin page.

I’m running all up-to-date DroboApps that I’m aware of, so if you are too it should be the same way.

I get “ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused”[hr]

I had to install DropBear to get SSH to work. Once I got that going I followed your directions and saw that the service was enabled and stopped. I started the service and voila!! Firefly is now running.

Thanks, ozt1ks. I truly appreciate your help.

Faaaantastic. Makes me happy to see my guidance helped a fellow Drobo’er!