Can't connect to DroboApps Admin web utility from Safari

I’ve had my DroboFS for a few months now. No problems so far. Thought I’d install DroboApps admin so I could install Fuppes and enable DLNA streaming to my DLNA devices.

DroboApps Admin is installed as per README… but seems Safari cannot connect to the web admin console.

I am running the latest Mac OSX Lion edition… all firmware updates are done on the DroboFS, as well as running the latest Drobo Dashboard software.

My Apple router assigns IPs using DHCP… and I do see the assigned ip in the network settings in the drobo dashboard.

I can also ping the IP from the terminal… but as soon as I try accessing the following:
http://< local IP >:8080/droboadmin/

Safari throws up the error page that it cannot connect to server.

Any ideas? I looked the settings in my router, but cannot see anything relating to accessing local IPs on the network.

Same thing here :frowning: Neither Safari, Firefox, Chrome nor Seamonkey will connect. Grrr. I’ve tried manually assigning the IP address, verifying firewall off, connections accepted and even tried enabling OSX File sharing. Same as above, ALL firmware, Drobo Dashboard and OSX10.7.2 are up to date.