Can't believe Drobo has no support phone number

Can’t believe Drobo has no support phone number, their products are very expensive you would think they would have a better support system. It’s like trying to get in to fort knox.

My Drobo5N crapped out, but my drives are still good.

My question is if i borrowed another Drobo5N from my neighbor and take his drives out and place my drives in can i retrieve my data? Or will it not work? I need to get my family photos off those drives since my Drobo5N unit took a crap.

I cant answer your question 100% but I do know if you remove your drives from their bays keep make sure you keep them in the same order whether installing them into the same or any other DROBO

Ok thanks, I knew about keeping the drives in order, I just didn’t know if the Drobo would reformat them cause they are different drives from the ones that were originally in there.