Can't add Users or Drives


I wonder if somebody else has had this problem?

Have had this 5N a few years and not had this problem before?

When I go to Shares in the dashboard and either try to add a user or add a drive it won’t let me save the info, the Drobo errors and says it can’t save the settings, furthermore, all my PCs on the network can see the Drobo but can’t access it using their usual passwords, only the Admin password works.

I have rebooted the Drobo, Router, PCs a numerous amount of times and still the same.

Totally flummoxed.

Any ideas?

hi andy, would you be able to try powering all down, and then connecting the 5n directly to your computer, and then trying to see if it makes any difference again?

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply.

To be honest I didn’t think about connecting it directly to the PC.

Will give it a try - thank you


ok sure, please let us know how things go

Hi Paul.

It seems to have sorted itself out now - thank you for your help.

ah ok thats great, thanks for the update andy