Can't access Fuppes nor Firefly web admin

I’ve been trying to install Fuppes and Firefly on my drobo with droboshare. I’ve installed manually (dropping files into Droboshare directory and rebooting) and through DroboApps admin but have had no luck either way. When I go to their web admin pages I get an error saying that the server could not be reached.

I’m having no problems with the DroboApps admin (port 8080) but the other two apps I can’t connect. Any ideas? Through the DroboApps admin I’ve also installed Add Swap Memory and insomnia. I can only verify insomnia is working because the drobo never has to warmup when accessing it (which the program is supposed to do).

Thanks for your help and if you need more info let me know and I’ll do my best to provide it.

Have you tried to SSH’d into your Drobo to verify the server(s)/service(s) have started and are running properly?

Terminal > SSH > cd Fuppes/Firefly > “./service.sh status” (w/o the quotes)

Let me know if I need to be more detailed, no worries.