can't access firefly control

I’ve installed firefly. it shows up in dorobo apps admin.
when I type in http://ip address goes here:3689 I get a message saying that safari can’t connect to the server. the same thing happens when I try to configure the app through the drobo app.

any thoughts as to what might be going on?

Firewall blocking connection on port 3689?

I think it was. Checked the routers firewall settings and discovered I needed to set up port forwarding. Having done that I thought things would work but no luck. Have typed the address in a couple times to be really sure but nothing doing…

If both your client machine and your FS are on the internal network, you shouldn’t need to set up port-forwarding on your router (as that’s for the outside world to get in).

You do need to check any software firewall on your client machine, though.

not sure what you mean
“check any software firewall on your client machine”
which machine would that be?
I’m accessing the drobo fs over my network and using a macbook pro

what’s funny is I’m able to access the drobo app
but can’t get to firefly…

am new to all this

The client machine is whatever machine is trying to access the Drobo FS, in your case it’s your MacBook Pro.

Most likely there is a firewall or Internet security setting that is blocking unknown ports.
Regular known ports like 80 (for HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) are fine, but oddball ports like 3689 are generally blocked by default.

I don’t remember if DroboApps Admin uses a non-standard port or not, so the problem may be something else.

I have the same issue

Then please try the same advice, and tell us what results.

Still cannot access the control with my firewall disabled, so it must be something else Droboadmin shows it as loaded but it cannot be configured.

I had the same issue yesterday, I was using firefox. I had to go and came back to work on it today. I used IE today and it worked. Im assuming it had to index the media.