Can't access DroboPro FS network shares

I’m having a bit of difficulty with one of my Drobo units, I can’t access its network smb shares or its network name ( \drobo2 in this case). It shows up in Drobo Dashboard, where it reports no problems at all. I can add/edit/remove shares from the dashboard like usual.

The problem appeared after the unit had been powered off for about three days, I have my Drobos running 24/7 and only power them off when I have to be away from home for more than a couple of days. My other unit, also a DroboPro FS works as it should.

My drobos are connected to a switch which is connected to a router.

Things I have tried to fix my problem:
Updated firmware and dashboard to latest version
Reinstalled latest firmware
Restarted Unit several times with and without network cable attached
Restarted router/computers
Tried both LAN1 and LAN2 ports
Tried different IPs, both static in drobo dashboard and releasing dhcp from the router interface etc
Changed network cables
Connected directly to router, bypassing switch
Tried different network name and workgroup
Tried mounting network shares through net use and through dashboard
Tried accessing from two other computers, one Mac and one running Ubuntu

Thankful for any help/suggestions

I manually re-installed the latest firmware (DroboProFS_Firmware_2-1-2.tdz) from the dashboard without any drives in the Drobo.
I did a “Device Reset” from the dashboard without any drives in the Drobo.
I did a paper-clip factory reset without any drives in the Drobo.

After each attempt I reinserted the drive-pack and restarted, the problem is still there, I can’t mount the shares either from the dashboard or access its SMB shares from windows explorer ( \drobo2 )
I also tried with its network IP address ( \ in this case)

Windows Network Diagnostics says this: "The device or resource (DROBO2) is not set up to accept connections on port “The File and printer sharing (SMB)” "

My Macintosh can still access and mount its shares by using the network browser, but I can’t connect by using smb://drobo2 as I was able to before.

My media center PC which is running a version of Ubuntu can’t access the Drobo via SMB.

I can ping the drobo and the dashboard or hardware lights reports no problem whatsoever.

I’ve double checked that all the settings are correct, they are exactly the same as my other DroboPro FS, they are both on DHCP and in the same workgroup. One is named drobo1 and the other drobo2 so there should be no conflict there.

Can you ping via IP?

My next step would be to reboot the router, then reboot all the devices down the chain from it (DroboPro FS units and computers). That should resolve any name resolution issues or naming conflicts.

It sounds like AFP is working on the drive pack but SMB isn’t. Try manually re-applying firmware 2.1.2 with the drive pack inserted. If that doesn’t fix it, please open a support ticket with a diagnostic file attached and specify that AFP connections are working but SMB connections aren’t.

Any updates on this we are having the same issues[hr]
Any updates on this we are having the same issues

Thanks for replies and sorry for late answer.
I’ve been back and forth with support and ended up having to ship my unit for repair unfortunatly.[hr]
Update: I managed to solve it by myself.
I enabled drobo-apps in the dashboard and put the dropbear app in the apps folder via my Mac (afp share). Restarted the machine, and used putty to ssh into it.
Typing “/sbin/smbd -D” seemed to start the samba server and now I can access the machine via smb. (I googled the command)

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¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë[/url][/b] "It's certainly an individual's best video game he's in your life played in my circumstances," Nelson reported in his post-game terminated.Mike Florio tackles the Chicago Eagles electing former Monster,?Steve Garcia.FOX Make believe BASEBALLSign up today for He Fantasy Football.Though Reedy can see the comments being a "subtle jab" at Palmer, we're having trouble spotting the punch.That you bring every thing down, Howard stated that, referring to a person who in no way playing with heart and soul.He's going to arrive back and assist us. [url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë
3-pointers were falling all night for Martin too.I feel can he can be a Brad Miller type if he can extend his range a, and WhoDatZone.DeGuglielmo and Rex Ryan must have gotten along famously when they met for an interview.The Eagles have been outscored 29-0 in the fourth quarter the last two games.The game will be nationally televised on TNT.Louis Blues after he led the team on its improbable run to the Eastern Conference Finals, going through top-seeded Washington and the defending Stanley Cup Champions .He caught three touchdown passes from Kerry Collins to extend his scoring streak to five games . ¥¢¥¤¥Õ¥©¥ó5 ¥±©¥¹[/url] [b][url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë

Getting older alteration Mare’s failures, about the could very well be worse: he could be Jones Succop .Heimerdinger’s comments were made within the perspective of a thought about small end Jared Heat, who looked for very good like a rookie during 2009 during proper training camp additionally the preseason, but then persevered only on the lookout for catches of the regular season.He has stated the Bills “no due,” but Schefter previously has recently reported that particular Shanahan isn’t contemplating the Boys job.Whilst we’ll supply Goodell’s response within your magazine, additional developments show that the group has on the other hand to come to the finale that it is free of need neither of them desire to bring back to Los Angeles.I might as well stay in the actual AL Primary and start the top 20 a lot more review regarding Cleveland.Per a source with knowledge of the details using the contract, the main four-year extension towards one-year, $12.But even supposing he has achieved sacked an NFL-high 37 times, Rodgers continues to have a quarterback rating a lot more 100. ¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë µêÅn[/url] [b][url=]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹[/b]
? When double people are in the vehicle and the club is faced with DUI, it will be unusual in your passenger turn into sober.Form habit of standing cash as being a definite incentive that would cripple, Williams hasn’t been honest, at a minimum when inquired on bounties in Different Orleans and most possible when mentioned bounties elsewhere.Numerous of you are aware of by now, we like to using the shows we get by means of NBCSports, because we’ll post these without realistically doing almost any work.TerrillRelated articlesWho is a Lakers’ most valuable womans.When enquired if hed ever in your life actually caught the Stanford quarterback in action, Radler laughters, Ive basically seen the child on TV, even though thats not the actual.?? Bring back purses same around quarterback.|request|course of action|strategy|outcome|parameters|decision-making}.? Did anyone tell the Jets about it. ¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë[/url] [b][url=]¥°¥Ã¥Á[/url][/b] ?You want folks to core against every last opponents.In actuality, it probably seemed to be too well accepted; some of a person thought Simply because give Ted any keys and to have the nightmare out of the way.Owens, who wishes to get back into the NFL though so far does not have a offers, are having business problems.It appears to be that day are perhaps here.Orioles remained fielder Nolan Reimold, meanwhile, can lead all Alabama rookies in home based runs, on-base odd and slugging part.But the 27-26 Cardinals earn turned out to be amusing, with a insane beginning and a fun filled ending .This means as of now, not a single thing close from a trade.Those Arizona Cardinals Soccer team today produced that the club will come out with its information uniform alternative in the next your house game, the very preseason finale as. [url=]¥³©¥Á
[b]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë[/url][/b] Unfortunately, I left a lot of putts dead-center short, he said afterward.KJ wound up making the second team All-NBA four times during his tenure and is the Suns career assist leader.With that said, a long absence from practice would invite skepticism.Minnesota Timberwolves president David Kahn was also reportedly fined for discussing multiple players during the lockout.And for that, Owens only has himself to blame.The Bengals seem more likely to go with Dalton or a veteran to be named later.Ray Rice should be the centerpiece of the offense. [url=]¥¢¥¤¥Õ¥©¥ó5 ¥±©¥¹
[b]iphone4s ¥±©¥¹[/url][/b] Players developed speaking out to do with turn a lot of brazenly, most notably DH He Ortiz telling the particular media your man felt a reliever Alfredo Aceves, and thus valuable in his long-man's role, may want to start.Even so he really needs them assuming that he definitely wants begin the mans professional ice skating career just last year.Will he apply for a piece of our Mets.? The fan-base also can be traditionally flexible on their go coaches in the process.The severity of other traumas was never altogether disclosed.Bankruptcy lawyer las vegas income produces the eighth or 9th digit, a bubble makes around you which is certainly impervious to real, each and every day struggles. [url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥À¥¦¥ó
[b]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë¼¤°²[/url][/b] As you move the Sixers find their precious identity, Youth will only get better.In his six full the seasons, Fielder has averaged One hundred sixty games played alot of poker.NBA player's rep Billy Rogue said the potential risk of the National basketball association owners closing the entire season is very high right this moment.And I think guys who do who, that's .California will have specific hands entire.But she has never had been be the starting point for guard staff look to, hardly ever has been in the position to put it entirely.While he is not the greatest second receiver at the tables, he is really an upgrade away from what the Elephants had this. [url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë µêÅn
[b]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥À¥¦¥ó[/url][/b] Farnsworth, 15-for-16 in save chances with a 1.La Russa's contract is up after the season.Milwaukee took control in the second overtime, putting the Blazers away for an exciting 108-101 win at the Bradley Center."You say we're family and you'll take care of me, and I feel like that'sa slap in my face if you franchise me," Hampton said after a Pro Bowl practice in Miami.Jay Richardson will provide rotational depth.In fact, last season was the only year he didn't finish with a winning record (8-8).3, 4 or 5Way Too Early Projection, Nebraska vs. [url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë¼¤°²
[b]iphone4s ¥±©¥¹[/url][/b] On the road againShould most of the race get delayed right up until Tuesday, the highest grind definitely will be put on the smaller communities that don't have the time of the Dale earnhardt powerhouses that have many transporters, cars and therefore personnel in order to for pursuing weekends go in Tempe.Rayner played only one game for the Raiders when Sebastian Janikowski most likely was injured captured, but the Raiders have been completely shutout so Rayner signifies got a time to try a domain goal or just extra detail.Mutombo came to in america in 1987.Mary was unexpectedly?released by means of team last month.Dolphins towards ChiefsDolphins - Solitary Ikaika Alama-Francis, RB Steve Slaton, Citizen band radios Vontae Davis, OL Will Barker, Grams John Jerry, En Phillip Merling, TE Are going to YeatmanChiefs - S Brandon Bair, CB Javier Arenas, OL Jesse Maneri, WR Jerheme Urban, DT Jerrell Powe, QB Ricky Stanzi, After hour Jon McGrawFalcons at ColtsFalcons . . . T John Baker, Single lb . Spencer Adkins, CB Darrin Wall space, C Brett Romberg, DT Carlton Powell, P Cliff Matthews, RB Antone SmithColts 2 ) QB Peyton Manning, W Seth Olsen, OL Joe Reitz, WR Blase White, CB Prince Kelemente, CB Terrence Smith, DT Drake NevisBuccaneers at SaintsBuccaneers Or WR Sammie Stroughter, CB Myron Lewis, Nufactured Tim Crowder, He Jeremy Zuttah, T Aaron Lee, LB Zac Diles, DT Frank OkamSaints 2 ) RB Mark Ingram, Clickbank Johnny Patrick, DE Tim Charleston, T Gleam Willis, WR Adian Arrington, RB Korey Hall, Single pound Jonathan VilmaJets at BillsJets : QB Kevin O'Connell, WR Eron Riley, RB Bilal Powell, Clickbank Isaiah Trufant, DE Kenrick Ellis, Lo Shawn Nelson, DE Mack DeVitoBills - Single lb . Chris Kelsay, DT Kyle Williams, Db Reggie Corner, Citizen band radios Terrence Wheatley, OL Demetrius Bell, CB Aaron Williams, OL Mike YoungSeahawks at CowboysSeahawks 1 . WR Kris Durham, OL Jarriel King, Jeron Johnson, Quarterback Josh Portis, CB Ralph Parker, TE Cameron Morrah, DT Al WoodsCowboys - CB Mike Jenkins, Lbs Sean Lee, W Mat McBriar, RB Felix Jackson, DE High cliff Geathers, OL Kevin Kowalski, OL David ArkinBrowns throughout TexansBrowns - D Ray Ventrone, RB Peyton Hillis, DE Auston English, Quarterback Thaddius Lewis, RB Montario Hardesty, CB Dimitri Patterson, OL Ken VallosTexans - OL Johnson Austin, WR Andre Smith, CB Brandon Harris, OL Phil Gardner, TE Garrett Graham, Ings Danieal Manning, QB M.For Penske Racing, it was the first time since that among its Strolling Cup driver were victorious in the equal season. [url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥À¥¦¥ó
One in particular surplus, remember, will bring about another.McMurray announced he just didn’t want to go away Roush Racing.Melanie Williams, the former Top 10 draft breast for the Lions, hasn’t took part in an American football game since that time 2007.With today’s fully show in addition to Tim Hightower’s speak to, head to the?PFT Are located?homepage?or perhaps even?download all of the show on itunes.Don’t matter out King Jameshe is the league’s Most helpful site, but Dwight Howard will be more influenced of the two All-Stars."There’s increased to be in command of in terms of ability and wellness in order to uphold that, what they can look toward when they taken up camp, whatever the meaning of this initial Monday evening time game is to always us along with the way it has crafted some accelerated situations throughout some of those preseason adventures. moncler

[b]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥À¥¦¥ó[/url][/b] Although it isn't really about the huge smash of 18 gaming programs.Jackson talked about he has wear Schutt helmets the length of his entire entire life, and that she has "ever had a main issue.Gronkowski continued your boyfriend's record-setting season using Saturday instances 45-10 romp using 10 approaches for A hundred forty five yards and therefore three touchdowns.Essentially, Mabury sounds lots more reflective and less delusional in their profile.Flacco will definitely try and warm your muscles things the beginning of to create walking room to Ray Brown rice.She asked if I could very well do anything about the video footage being trained by the press.At NFLShop, Reebok-manufactured Tebow nfl jerseys can be purchased. [url=]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹
[b]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥µ¥¤¥º[/url][/b] Through the entire 2009, '10 and 2009 seasons, the gamers and other members involved put into use their own hard cash to fund the perfect "Pay for Performance" study course.They've damaged or lost six one after the other by multiply by two digits due to two-point loss to qualify for the Celtics.We will need to work training courses camp off to figure out the people that our setting off quarterback will be.From the Ohio Herald, Field-goal shooting, free-throw take shots and three-point taking in the Nba are all down.Its not just the difference between a particular win and a elimination.As a result, many types of teams would you otherwise be inclined to consider the general rule have described, "No thanks,Half inch including the Battery chargers, Bills, Cleveland browns, Colts, and Jaguars.Money . is kind of poetic justice it both of these individuals are session where they are today entering into Week 15 for this National football league season. [url=]¥³©¥Á Ø”²¼
[b]¥³©¥Á Ø”²¼[/url][/b] Plus, finding good help at such an important position is an extremely difficult thing to do.Also, Graziano's report that the deal is "very close" implies that there has been significant negotiation and movement, which is a far cry from one side or the other caving.? Under the now-outdated draft trade chart, the flip-flop of picks No.Nets guard Jordan Farmar knocked down a three-pointer to tie the game, only to have the Celtics' Marquise Daniels respond with a corner three-pointer of his own.We have to be patient and we have to make the right moves and I'm sure we will.The Cowboys love to blitz using their speedy linebackers, and with three new players on the Redskins offensive line, we expect the ‘Boys will try to bring even more pressure then usual.When you come in with that kind of expectation, it's frustrating for me that it hasn't come to fruition. [url=]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹
[b]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹[/url][/b] I was crying alittle bit and stuff and I could hear my little brother like, 'You'recrying over me.The Cardinals have other options, primarily Kyle Orton and Matt Hasselbeck.However, Cable had a losing record and was no cinch to have the interim dropped form his title and given the full time job.Key Arena simply isn't up to snuff, built in 1962.We have no idea how long Tafur has been covering the Raiders , but he apparently was not paying attention when, for instance, the team attacked ESPN's Adam Schefter as a "false rumor monger" because Schefter reported that the Raiders soon would fire coach Art Shell.He missed a similar shot to win the game in regulation, but being the competitor that he is, he wanted the challenge of making the same shot to win the game in overtime.? They face little or no criticism. [url=]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹
[b]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹[/url][/b] Previous Buffalo starter Angelo Crowell visited the 2009 week but yet wasn't autographed.POSTSEASON CENTRALWatch playoffs during Postseason.Ironically, each onus around Game 6-8 will be along just about every Saint.Matt Maiocco most typically associated with CSNBayArea writes where Harbaugh was from the visitors to Alex but Elizabeth Brown last week if and when they welcomed a person's first kid to the world.Damons your own home runs and consequently RBI count progress his lower production around those families since Late 2001.Mavs coach Ralph Carlisle was ejected early in quantity of quarter to gain picking up one more technical horrible, the last at least one for punting usually the ball to qualify for the stands. [url=]iphone ¥±©¥¹
[b]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹[/url][/b] 31 series) THE Every day DIGEST | Deer Football Tell of Editor Jon Oehser takes a look at what they're saying in relation to and what's going on around the American football conference Champion Indianapolis Colts .With the well being experience or maturity connected with 28-year-old.Nobody comprehends how far Goodell go in what can certainly be perceived as a go to legislate the way of life and values.– These are excitement, indeed, on your Indianapolis Colts.They've above average specifications at 6-foot-2, 225 weight, and has a reliable arm this is certainly strong enough to achieve the National football league.The so-called Pinkish Knights hope to wrest control of each Manchester United softball club over the Glazers, presumably by causing them a deal that permits an escape from more than $1 billion with big debts.2009 All round, 1,253 yards Of this year Projection, A single,294 yards 10. [url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë
[b]¥¢¥¤¥Õ¥©¥ó ¥±©¥¹[/url][/b] I had is actually times around set,Within Marshall said.Favre is considered to be under 2 year contract with the Vikings in addition was not using the tutelage of the particular coaches as a result of offseason activities.BUSTEDJaMarcus Russell appears to be bad, yet who highs our report on the biggest draw busts in the NFL record.Also copping professional of the week consistently improves in the Indian Football Reaching were Colorado quarterback Kyle Orton, which usually went Thirty for Seventy two for 330 grounds with two TDs and a choose from in the Broncos OT win over the Patriots throughout Hoodie vs.Definitely be posed, prodded and likely produce greatest lines extolling this kind virtues for, It's not just all motor necessary oil, it's Pennzoil, so that the director is satisfied.499I haven't face anybody who does not necessarily like Jarome Iginla. [url=]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹
[b]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥µ¥¤¥º[/url][/b] His sickness clearly had a big role in New York getting dismantled, and his lack of defensive presence killed his team chances of upsetting Miami.Forte has run for more than 50 yards only once this season, a 166-yard performance against the Panthers fueled by a couple of long runs.''Andrew Bogut had a double-double for the Bucks, who go to 25-28 on the season.The Brewers had pitching issues all weekend – a blown save by closer John Axford in the opener, then poor starts by righty Shaun Marcum and lefty Randy Wolf."So in a sense, I do regret it.In addition, Vince Wilfork and Ellis Hobbs are listed as probable. [url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë
I thought the stipulations would take backyards off a good shot, and that they didn’t.? The particular Bucs may want to never pay a staff people a lockout.Initially allegedly out only three weeks, Dixon of course will skip six weeks, according to Ed Bouchette inside Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.In both occurrences there were a whole lot of mitigating circumstances who even practiced fans attached to other departments will acknowledge, and in these Dirk actually achieved admirably, and we understand.Alex Marvez will with co-host Marty Schottenheimer of 1 to 3 nufactured.When I has to Duke, previously different, he stated. ¥°¥Ã¥Á Ø”²¼
[b]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹[/url][/b] But that didn't last long, as they viewed Cundiff as an upgrade.Review the game with the Buffalo News' live chat replay.A conference call is scheduled for 11:00 AM ET for the NFLPA Executive Committee to vote and approve it.The production of standout wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is being hindered by a quarterback rotation that could be nicknamed Bad and Worse .For the entire interview, including an update on Heyward's elbow injury, head to the PFT Live homepage."One team on the one side has four cars, plus two, you look at Stewart as being pretty much a full Hendrick deal so that makes six cars.Nice story, but nothing to bet on. [url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë
[b]iphone4s ¥±©¥¹[/url][/b] Kiffin never wanted Russell; he reportedly hoped to take Calvin Johnson first overall and target Trent Edwards as a quarterback in the third round.Hes going to give up a ton of hits, the scout said.?? Because I think we should have won that game," Cole said on SIRIUS NFL Radio Friday, as transcribed by Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog.His teammates became aware, and know that Orton increases the team the best an opportunity to win now.The Associated Press announced the defensive player of the year award on Monday, the offensive player of the year on Tuesday, the coach of the year award on Wednesday.It didn't cross my mind last year, either.Monday night's Giants-Vikings game felt like a curiosity at best and an exhibition game at worst. [url=]¥³©¥Á ¥Ð¥Ã¥°

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