Can't Access Drobo 5N2 from Mac

I can’t seem to get connected to my Drobo 5N2 from my Mac (2011 macmini). I recently made a network change by adding a managed switch so that I could aggregate the two Drobo links together (which puts them into a VLAN). I needed to do this because my firewall kept dropping the port forward. My firewall no longer has a problem and I am able to completely access the Drobo on my Windows 10 box.

But when I open the Dashboard on my Mac, it never finds the Drobo and although I can see the Drobo in the Finder, when I try to connect to it, it says it’s “unavailable.”

I’m just wondering if there is something I needed to do, specifically, to allow Mac OS to see the Drobo now that it’s in a VLAN with bonded ports.