Can't Access Drobo 5N2 from Mac

I can’t seem to get connected to my Drobo 5N2 from my Mac (2011 macmini). I recently made a network change by adding a managed switch so that I could aggregate the two Drobo links together (which puts them into a VLAN). I needed to do this because my firewall kept dropping the port forward. My firewall no longer has a problem and I am able to completely access the Drobo on my Windows 10 box.

But when I open the Dashboard on my Mac, it never finds the Drobo and although I can see the Drobo in the Finder, when I try to connect to it, it says it’s “unavailable.”

I’m just wondering if there is something I needed to do, specifically, to allow Mac OS to see the Drobo now that it’s in a VLAN with bonded ports.

I have the same problem! I have a 5N2, updated to 4.1.4-13.40.108863 and a 2018 Mac mini running 10.15.5.

Whenever I task the Drobo to delete a large file (multi GB) or try to read/write a lot of traffic or large files, the drobo just drops it’s connection. It takes probably a solid minute before it will come back in the drobo dashboard or if it will let me connect again.

I’ve assigned the Drobo a static IP (it has link agg on), CIFS, SMB and Apple Network Share, they all have the same issue. I’ve tried turning off SMBv1 which only made it worse.

It’s super annoying and scary as it take FOREVER to backup TBs of data to the cloud. Every time I use now it feels like I’m overwhelming it’s CPU and it just say…nope…and disconnects the network connection.

The drobo is hard connected to the mac over a 1G Netgear LAN.

One trick I found to make finder connect again faster is to make finder force a relaunch, shouldn’t need to do this but it helps cut time towards a re-connection.

Just saw this post, I had the same issue as well, wasn’t showing a firmware update was present even though it’s posted online. Performing a manual update, fingers crossed!

4.2.2-13.45.114559 updated successfully and it made a huge difference. The shares used to take ~10-30sec to mount and now they’re back to mounting in 1-5. Give the update a shot.

Like I said, I’m not sure why this critical update isn’t showing up automatically though the dashboard, it certainly should!

Jury is out on the drop offs from file size transfers, but so far, so good, this morning.