Cannot see FUPPES from xbox 360 anymore

Arghhhh… I have no idea what has gone wrong.

FUPPES is running. The DB has been built and virtual folders created (whatever that means!)

I know I have set the two areas in fuppes.cfg and vfolder.cfg (below)

Please help someone :smiley:

— fuppes.cfg —

    <device name="Xbox 360" virtual="Xbox 360" enabled="true">                     
        <friendly_name>%s %v (%h)</friendly_name>                                  
        <model_name>Windows Media Connect compatible (%s)</model_name>             
        <file ext="mp3">                                                           
        <file ext="jpg">                                                           
        <file ext="avi">                                                           
      <user_agent>Xbox/2.0.\d+.\d+ UPnP/1.0 Xbox/2.0.\d+.\d+</user_agent>          

— vfolder.cfg —

  <vfolder_layout device="Xbox 360" enabled="true" create_references="true" create_co
    <vfolder name="Music" id="1">                                                    
      <vfolder name="Album" id="7">                                                  
        <vfolders property="album">                                                  
          <items type="audioItem" />                                                 
      <vfolder name="All Music" id="4">                                              
        <items type="audioItem" />                                                   
      <vfolder name="Artist" id="6">                                                 
        <vfolders property="artist">                                                 
          <items type="audioItem" />                                                 
      <vfolder name="Folders" id="20">                                               
        <folders filter="contains(audioItem)" />                                     
      <vfolder name="Genre" id="5">                                                  
        <vfolders property="genre">                                                  
          <items type="audioItem" />                                                 
      <vfolder name="Playlist" id="15" />                                            
    <vfolder name="Pictures" id="3">                                                 
      <vfolder name="Album" id="13" />                                               
      <vfolder name="All Pictures" id="11">                                          
        <items type="imageItem" />                                                   
      <vfolder name="Date Taken" id="12" />                                          
      <vfolder name="Folders" id="22">                                               
        <folders filter="contains(imageItem)" />                                     

    <vfolder name="Playlists" id="18">                                               
      <vfolder name="All Playlists" id="19" />                                       
      <vfolder name="Folders" id="23" />                                             
    <vfolder name="Video" id="2">                                                    
      <vfolder name="Actor" id="10" />                                               
      <vfolder name="Album" id="14" />                                               
      <vfolder name="All Video" id="8">                                              
                                <items type="videoItem" />                           
      <vfolder name="Folders" id="21">                                               
        <!--<folders filter="contains(videoItem)" />-->                              
        <shared_dirs full_extend="true"/>                                            
      <vfolder name="Genre" id="9" />