Cannot see Dashboard window on screen

Hi I have started having a problem trying to open the dashboard on my PC screen - I start up the dashboard software and it appears on my task bar but I cant actually see the window!!!

Any ideas on how to regain visuals?? I am running Windows 7.

thanks Alban

hi you might have to check the icon tray
(usually a small triangle icon pointing up like an arrow)

then if you see the dashboard icon (small blue shape looks like a drobo) then try to right click on it and select “drobo dashboard” to launch it.

(also needs a drobo service to be running which you can check from task manager->services)

Hi Paul thanks for the rapid response. I have tried right clicking the icon and still cant see the actual window even though the program is in the task bar. Also tried seeing if the service is running and it is. Very strange!!
I also tried pressing windows icon plus up arrow, down arrow etc to try and maximise it or minimise it etc. but no success.
Any other ideas?


If you have multiple monitors connected, turn on your other monitor(s).

If not (or you can’t), try this - works for almost all well-behaved Windows apps (including Drobo Dashboard):
[]Alt-Space (this brings up the control box, which is the box that normally pops up when you click the upper-left corner of the program’s title bar)
]M (this chooses Move from the control box
[]Left arrow - press it a lot or just hold it down until you see the outline of a window appear on your visible desktop (this moves the windows)
In unusual cases you may need to move Right, Up, or Down instead (or in addition) - it depends on where the window got moved off-screen. 99% of the time it’s off-screen to the right, so Left works. :slight_smile:

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