Cannot install 1.3.5 firmware...

Just get an immediate “The Drobo Firmware update was unsuccessful.”

Triied manual install and check for updates, same issue.


Rename the tdz file.
Change the .tdz to .zip.
Extract that contents of the zip file.

One should be a rev1 and a rev2 tdf files.

rev1 is for a 1st generation drobo.
rev2 is for a 2nd generation drobo.

Then go back into dashboard, advanced controls > tools tab > hold down CTRL key and click on “check for updates”.

Select the appropriate tdf file for the upgrade.

I can’t get 1.3.5 to install either - I tried the updater in Dashboard 1.6 and the manual update including the technique from Jennifer above. In all cases the process goes as normal and I get a message saying that the update was successful and that Drobo needs to reboot to apply the update. When I click reboot I get the OS X “Drive disconnected” warning and the red lights come on. I tried clicking “later” instead after the firmware update and ejecting the Drobo manually in the Finder (dragging to the trash) but after successfully un-mounting in the Finder the same “Drive disconnected” warning appeared again with the red lights. Drobo dashboard still shows 1.3.4 installed when it finishes rebooting.

Try updating with no drives in the drobo.

I tried this tonight and had exactly the same symptom. I put the Drobo in standby removed the drives, reconnected the FireWire 800 cable and launched Dashboard. I got the error about no drives being installed and tried the manual Firmware install using the option key and selecting the rev 2 file. After the supposedly successful install all the red lights came on again and it reboot but still had the same 1.3.4 Firmware. I put it back in standby reinstalled the 4 drives and reconnected the Firewire cable and was concerned as it failed to recognise the drives. I had to remove the mains power and retry. Thankfully after a few minutes my two partitions did come back so hopefully I haven’t lost any data. Thankfully most of it is a backup but given that it is nearly 3TB now it would probably take a week to restore it all.

Use USB instead of FW.

Once upon a time there was a bug upgrading firmware using FireWire. Then it was fixed. Now the bug seems to be visiting us (you) again. WTF? At least a free USB cable is provided.

Thanks a lot! This helped me. I don’t suppose you could add this to the KB? I spent a couple of hours trying to resolve this by reading articles in the KB and none of them helped.

When I follow the instructions. I am unable to choose any of the tdf files. They are greyd out and drobodashboard wont let me choose one…

found the answer here:


Be careful what key you press!

Yes, that is why when I say CTRL it’s always in all caps. :wink: