Cannot increase free space

My drobo started to give me a red alert showing that I was running out of space. I then deleted a large amount of files that were not really important removing close to a TB. I am still receiving the same error message and have the same red alert several hours later. My drobo shows 3.07 TB used and 80.59 gb free. Is there something that needs to run in order for it to recalculate the size?

In Windows, after deleting the files, have you empty the trash file? I think that I recall this was something I needed to do in this situation.

yes - either empty the recycle bin, or in osx empty the trash

if that doenst work you can try checking the filesystem on drobo - chkdsk in windows and disk utility repair in osx

It took forever to empty the trash but the drobo eventually recalculated the available space and the warning is now gone!!